Tires & Wheels Care And Maintenance

A slight imbalance on the tires and wheels can cause your vehicle to overturn at high speed especially when making turns. You don’t want that to happen! If you want to drive safely, then you must prioritize your tires and wheels through the following steps;

Did you know that most tire-related accidents are caused by under-inflated tires? Not only does it diminish the gas mileage and handling, but an under-inflated tire can trigger a dangerous blowout. Don’t wait for the mechanic to check your tire pressure once in a blue moon but you should do it yourself every month. As per the norm, the owner’s manual will tell you the appropriate pressure for your tires.

Don’t forget, over-inflated tires can be a problem too.
Do you see those imprinted patterns on the tires that leave marks on the ground when you drive on dry soil or mud? They’re known as tire treads and they play a big role whenever you want to drive in all weather conditions. Suffice to say, always make sure you check the depth of the tread before you drive that car.
Unlike that short trip to the mall, the tires are more strained during a long road trip. A small crack, bulge or stuck object on the tire can cause a lot of trouble when you travel halfway across the state or country. Just pray that stuck glass on your tire doesn’t set off a deflated tire on the highway. Well, you don’t have to leave your safety to chance but you can always inspect your tires regularly.